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About Dripping Trees

Like a pack of wolves circling around the quarry, Dutch quartet Dripping Trees’ aureate brand of post-punk, noise rock and slowcore teeters on the threshold of distress. The Eindhoven-based group’s self-governing work reckons with life’s rude awakenings and intrusive fears, exhuming uncomfortable truths as if on the graveyard shift. This music doesn’t so much channel the existential malaise as it scrutinizes it, almost like a pair of eyes adjusting to a dark and treacherous landscape.
For a band still in the midst of finding their creative footing, Dripping Trees opt to stumble and stride with feverish abandon. Debut single ‘Pulpa’ flexes its muscles with frantic post-hardcore flirtations and anguished vocals, launching itself forward like a meteoric sphere of energy. The song meditates on the notion of helplessness; tenuous situations where one individual can exert their absolute power over another.
Meanwhile, second single ‘Grieved’ brandishes Dripping Trees’ more dynamic side; prowling calms and eerie whispers conspire towards a hailstorm of a climax. It tells the tale of a soul displaced and alienated from what was once a warm, familiar sanctuary, haunting it like a strayed phantom. It offers another acute glimpse of Dripping Trees artistic trajectory: a band intent on nurturing its own natural pulse and intuition, seeking out the primal undercurrents with intent to reign fire.
Dripping Trees is:

  • Koen Ruijs – Vocals/Guitar
  • Stef van der Wielen – Guitar/Keys
  • Stijn Luijk – Vocals/Drums
  • Stef Leijten – Bass

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